Safeguarding Policy 

This project’s first priority is the welfare and well-being of young people. It is the responsibility of all YMCASC staff who use this site to safeguard the well-being of all young people. This includes young people using the internet, social media and online gaming. Young people may be exposed to:

Cyber bullying - Bullying that takes place over digital devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, computers etc.

Sexting - Sending sexual messages, images or videos to others.

Radicalisation - The process by which a person comes to support terrorism or extreme ideologies.

Grooming - Grooming is when someone builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, exploit and abuse them.

We recognise that whilst using this site, some young people may experience abuse, and that those working with young people are well placed to identify such abuse. YMCASC staff who monitor this site are well placed and trained to recognise such abuse and will take measures to ensure that this is kept to a minimum. If you have any concern that a child or young person is being harmed or at risk of harm you must contact the following staff member as quickly as possible:

DSP Name: Jessica Harris



Alternatively, you can report incidents of abuse against anyone under 18 years of age to CEOP. This is the Child Exploitation and Online Protection agency, run by the police. You can report any incident using the button below.

CEOP - Report abuse.png