House Rules

As a member of the YMCASC Blog you are expected to follow these rules. If you do not follow them, your posts and account may be blocked and deleted.

No foul language

This includes swearing, discriminatory and offensive language.

We will not tolerate any form of discrimination.

Discrimination is classed as negative behaviour or stereotyping towards someone because of any of the following: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, race, religion and beliefs, sex, sexual orientation. To discriminate against a person for one of these reasons is against the law.

If you know who has posted an anonymous question, do not write their name under the post or tell people who wrote it.

This is a safe space, if they wanted people to know who they were they would have done it. Respect that right to be anonymous.

No bullying, abusive or threatening behaviour or language.


Respect each other

If you believe any of these rules are being broken, please report the account and relevant posts below. For more information on staying safe online or if you have any immediate concerns about a young person, read through our safeguarding policy and contact the DSP.